International Missions

BBC is committed to multiple international mission partnerships that allow us to the support the important work being done by those overseas in the following places:

International Mission Trips

BBC has sent teams on international mission trips to a number of countries. Adult and youth teams have gone to Macau, India, Southeast Asia, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic! Contact Reed Kennedy for more information.

Rise Against Hunger

BBC has participated several times with the national non-profit packing meals that have been sent to help feed poor people in Haiti.

Adopted Missionaries

BBC has adopted missionaries Larry and Sarah Ballew in Macau, Ron and Melin Green in Southeast Asia, and Zachary and Sarah Green in France/Northern Africa, providing prayer, financial and other support. Contact Reed Kennedy for more information.

School in Ti Peligre, Haiti

BBC members and others were responsible for building a school in the small village of Ti Peligre, which now has 442 students across 12 grades. BBC continues to support this school financially. A large suspension pedestrian bridge was also built so this isolated community could cross the river safely.

Cange Baptist Church, Haiti

BBC members helped to finance the construction of a new Baptist church in the town of Cange, Haiti.

Project Esperanza, Dominican Republic

BBC is doing an annual mission trip to Puerto Plata, DR to support the Christian non-profit Project Esperanza, which focuses on the Haitian population. Activities include conducting English camp for Haitian children, renovation work, and funding 2 schools for Haitian children. Contact Rebecca Wheeler for more information.