International Missions

BBC is committed to multiple international mission partnerships that allow us to the support the important work being done by those overseas in the following places:


BBC has been involved with the development and ongoing work done by Dr. Kunjumon Chacko in India for more than 30 years. An orphanage and seminary have blossomed into avenues of Christ's love to South Asia under his visionary leadership and interest from BBC members. Members also make regular visits as a part of our partnership.

Southeast Asia

BBC supports a team of former Virginia Tech students and BBC members who share Christ's love in Southeast Asia through various non-traditional ways. Demonstration farms and clinics, clean water development, and childhood education assistance all have been used to share the message of salvation.


In Macau, China, BBC supports the Ballew family in their work of "Serving the servers." They open their hearts and home to those who cater to the tourists in one of China's top tourist destinations. Those who serve others often are not served themselves, and the Ballews share Christ's service with them.


The village of Ti Peligre sits on the high Haitian plateau. Across a river, the Baptist church in the village of Cange has decided that reaching out to the people of Ti Peligre is its calling from Christ. With help from BBC members and other partners, the members of this church build other churches, schools, bridges, and friendship as a witness of our Lord's love for each of us.


BBC's involvement with Nigeria has led to a self-sustaining system within the country itself. BBC members remain very interested in the work done there, and the Nigerian believers have made it possible for Christ's love to be shared with their countrymen by providing them with basic medical care, filters for drinking water, and a chance to know eternal life.