Statement from Pastor Tommy McDearis

Many are concerned about what is the appropriate response to the Coronavirus threat, and the church staff wants you to know of our plans regarding this situation. We will be vigilant in our preparations, and we will follow the guidelines and recommendations of the public health services.

In the interest of public health and social distancing, we have decided on the following until the pandemic is over:

  • No in-person worship services. Click here to watch our services online.
  • No small in-person groups. Many of our life groups are meeting virtually. Click here for more information.
  • All evening events are cancelled.
  • No youth or children's evenings.
  • All committee meetings and planning meetings are cancelled or moved to a virtual meeting.
  • We will decide about further cancellations as time unfolds and as situations develop.

We plan to livestream an online service each Sunday that we are not able to meet in person. To join the LiveStream click here, or visit our sites on LiveStream, Facebook, or YouTube to join from your home computer or smart device.

For our members and regular attenders, please click here to give online. Doing so will greatly aid our church in all times, but particularly in times when we must close for crises and for snow/weather related events.

We will do our best during the time of closure to care for our church members. The staff and our prayer teams will lift up any who are sick. Still, public health officials have advised ministers nationwide to avoid personal contact with those suffering with the flu or COVID-19 in an effort to prevent the spread of these viruses. Therefore, we will contact anyone who becomes sick by phone and text messaging, but we will not make personal visits. The danger of spreading these viruses is great. Again, it is easily transmitted, and unfortunately, some of the COVID-19 cases in Italy seem to have occurred through the visits of priests to the ailing. We will, therefore, use caution and common sense in our ministry.

For more information, we suggest the following sources for information on COVID-19 and the flu:

Please be in prayer for all who are affected by this virus. This is an international crisis that hits at exactly the same time as the flu crisis. Let’s take all of this seriously, stay safe, and lift our town and the world in prayer. Check on your neighbors and particularly the elderly. The Golden Rule applies, especially in times of crisis. May the whole community see in us the best of God’s love through our care for one another.