BBC will partially reopen our doors for Sunday morning worship starting on August 2, 2020.  Sunday worship will continue to be held at 11 AM, both in-person and online.  We will limit attendance in the sanctuary and maintain social distancing at all times.  We ask anyone who is sick and anyone who is uncomfortable attending in person to continue worshiping with us online through our website, LiveStream, or Facebook, all of which will still be available. Click here to watch our services online.

Please watch this video and then read the text that follows.



We have enacted the following protocols to ensure the health and safety of all attending and leading our worship services.  All guidelines will be strictly adhered to with no exceptions.  Anyone who is unwilling or unable to follow all guidance will be asked to continue worshiping with us online rather than in-person.  Our safety guidelines include:

  • Anyone interested in attending in-person worship MUST pre-register to attend.  Attendance will be limited to the first 80 people to register each week. Registration will open each week on Monday for the following Sunday and will close either on Friday or when all seats have been filled, whichever occurs first.  Please click here or call the church office to register.  If interest exceeds 80 people, we will begin offering a second service in subsequent weeks.
  • You must arrive between 10:40 AM and 11:00 AM.  You must arrive on time to attend.
  • Masks are required. Please put on your masks before leaving your vehicle.  If you do not have a mask, we will provide one at the sanctuary door.
  • Enter the church through the main door (steeple door) of the sanctuary.  
  • Please maintain six feet (6 ft.) of distance between you/your family and others at all times, including while waiting in line for entry to the sanctuary.
  • An usher will ask each person to use hand sanitizer before entering.
  • An usher will escort you to the next available seat.  We will maintain ample spacing between pews, skipping pews in order to maintain social distancing.
  • Children of all ages are welcome to worship, but they must remain with their parents. A parent should accompany children under age 12 to the bathroom. Nurseries will not be provided. We suggest parents bring activities for younger children, especially washable markers or crayons.  Tabi Mayhew, our Family Life Minister, will provide handouts for children to use during worship, and she will offer a children's minute during worship.  The children will not come forward.
  • Please venture nowhere else within the church facility except the sanctuary and bathrooms, if needed.
  • We cannot sterilize the bathrooms between uses.  New automatic faucets have been installed in all bathrooms to prevent the need to touch the faucets. Please do not touch the faucets or light switches after washing hands.
  • Water fountains are disabled as a precaution.
  • Speakers and singers may remove masks while leading worship since spacing will be adequate for protection.  They will wear masks when not leading, no exceptions.
  • Congregants may not remove masks at any time. Because of mask requirements, the service will be shorter than in the past.
  • Congregants will not sing during the service. Singing has been found to be one of the most likely means to spreading the virus in that it requires the emission of more air, and a different type of vocalization.  Music will be provided by our music teams.
  • The balcony will be closed for the protection of those working there (sound technicians, video technicians, projection technician).
  • The first five rows will be reserved for spacing purposes and for use by the music teams/worship leaders.
  • HVAC fans will be set to run continuously. Our HVAC system has the proper filtering to remove germs and particulates. We will also prop open doors for additional circulation, but this means the HVAC will continuously run, so a sweater might be considered for those who are sensitive to cool air.
  • At the end of the service, ushers will dismiss from the rear to the front, one row at a time.
  • Offering plates will be located at the exit on a table. Simply drop your offering in the plate if you wish. This is yet another opportunity for us to suggest going to online giving. Please click here to give online. Online giving is highly preferred since it protects our tellers from handling money or checks.
  • This one is hard, but so important! No hugging, kissing, fist bumps, elbow bumps, or touching of any kind before, during or after worship.

You will notice a few changes when you arrive. All Bibles and hymnals have been removed from the sanctuary. Health experts note that these are susceptible to holding germs, so we have put those into storage until Covid-19 has passed. The pew cushions have also been removed. Those were quite dirty anyway, but they also hold germs, and wooden pews can be easily cleaned. If you have hip or joint issues, you may bring a pillow, but please take it when you leave.

Even under less than ideal circumstances, we are excited to reopen onsite worship. May God’s blessings be with us as we seek to accomplish His will during these very unusual times.


For the health and safety of our members and staff, all other BBC activities remain cancelled, including but not limited to:

  • No small in-person groups. Many of our life groups are meeting virtually. Click here for more information.
  • All evening events are cancelled.
  • No youth or children's evenings.
  • All committee meetings and planning meetings are cancelled or moved to a virtual meeting.

We will do our best to care for our church members. The staff and our prayer teams will lift up any who are sick. Still, public health officials have advised ministers nationwide to avoid personal contact with those suffering with the flu or COVID-19 in an effort to prevent the spread of these viruses. Therefore, we will contact anyone who becomes sick by phone, text messaging, or Zoom, but we will not make personal visits. The danger of spreading these viruses is great. We will, therefore, use caution and common sense in our ministry.


For more information, we suggest the following sources for information on COVID-19 and the flu:

Please be in prayer for all who are affected by this virus. This is an international crisis. Let’s take all of this seriously, stay safe, and lift our town and the world in prayer. Check on your neighbors and particularly the elderly. The Golden Rule applies, especially in times of crisis. May the whole community see in us the best of God’s love through our care for one another.