Critical Conversations on Race

Race and Love. Both are four letter words and yet both are at the core of many of the issues plaguing our nation. While it is often easy to talk about our love for God, our family, and others, it is more challenging to discuss race, our experiences around race, and the discomfort it brings. Blacksburg Baptist Church wants to launch this series centered on race as we continue to embrace our mission of being "a place to be loved and to be the light" for others. We encourage you to join us for a four-part discussion on race and invite you to enter those discussions with curiosity, humility, and respect as we all continue to grow in Christ's instruction to "Love one Another" (1 John 4:7).

Register now to attend this important discussion on Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM from February 28, 2021 through March 28, 2021. Please click here to register. And please check back on this page weekly for new videos that will be added, below.

Promo Video: Critical Conversations on Race

The love of God for his children is total so we want the love of one another to be total. Join us at Blacksburg Baptist Church in trying to address the social injustice that affects our black community.


Week 1: How Ready Are You?

Parents of all colors and backgrounds want their children to have happiness and success. Are the challenges that black families face similar, or significantly different? Where does the church family enter into the journey as a source of support rather than as part of the problem? Watch our video titled, "What Are Your Desires For You And Your Family?" to learn more.


Week 2: Color Lines and Comfort Zones

While life in Blacksburg can create a “false sense of security” and may require adjustments for families coming in and going out, conversations need to be intentional. Watch our video titled, "Are there any examples where race has been discussed with your family and why?" to learn more.