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First Time at Our Church?

Welcome to Blacksburg Baptist Church! 

If you are searching for meaning and purpose in life, or if you are disillusioned with church orthe world, BBC will be a good church for you.

Get the FACTS … 

  • Faith:  Our faith confesses without apology that Jesus Christ is Lord.​​  
  • Acceptance:  We affirm Jesus' acceptance of all who will follow Him.
  • Challenge:  We challenge everyone with the truth of God's Word through Jesus Christ.
  • Teach:  We teach with intellectual intergrity how to bring life to faith.
  • Service:  Our service is that of God's missionaries to the world around us.
BBC is not for everyone, nor do we try to be. We pray that you will come with open hearts and minds when visiting us. We will be glad to have you, and we believe you will be glad you came.